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What If: August Recap

What If - August

If you missed the campaign announcement, feel free to read more about the backstory  and sign up for the csm bet casinosletter to make sure you never miss a question! We look at these questions as a way to inspire change and thought about the future of learning and to get an idea of what you’re wondering about, what you’re thinking about and more. If any of these questions inspire you to write, feel free to email [email protected] with your thoughts or a blog submission.

Another month of What If? questions has passed. This month we were interested in co-authorship, repurposing buildings and whole child approaches. We loved the answers we saw, but would like to hear from even more of you!

Here are a few of the questions we asked over the last month:

What if every learner could co-author their learning journey?

We have become super interested in the idea of co-authoring ever since the AASA Report of this year. Check out why students should coauthor learning experiences and, while you’re at it, take look at some coauthoring resources.

What if school buildings were leveraged as community centers or career centers after hours?

What if tools could make it easier to frame issues, host conversations & craft agreements?

This question was inspired by our recent exploration of

What if all learning was framed as social-emotional?

This question was contributed by our friends at from their distillation on

What if every high school grad had already experienced success in work?

Thanks for following along with these questions! Please let us know which ones stuck out to you and which ones you’re still thinking about AND be sure to sign up for the csm bet casinosletter so you can catch all the questions.

Getting Smart Staff

The Getting Smart Staff believes in learning out loud and always being an advocate for things that we are excited about. As a result, we write a lot. Do you have a story we should cover? Email [email protected]

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Kathryn Abdallah

What if all students were allowed to show their learning in a way that makes sense to them?

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